Groom Your Private Parts

by PRZman

Old-school porn stars and Magnum, P.I. have gone the way of Michael Phelps and Cristiano Ronaldo and not just on the upper lip. Yep, men from all walks of life are now embracing a little trim in the trousers.

And no, sexual orientation has nothing do with it. PRZMAN research shows that more than 60% of men trim or shave their pubes, regardless of which way they’re swinging.

So, why not try pruning below the belt? A neatly trimmed yard will attract more picnickers, helps keep funk-causing moisture away from your balls, and can make Doctor Johnson look a bit taller. So break out your steadiest hand!

I recommend using an electrical trimmer, so I’m not going to waste time giving the pros and cons of hot wax, razors, or maneuvering sharp scissors around your most essential jewels. With a trimmer you get a uniform complimentary length and maintenance is easy.

  1. Place a bath towel or a piece of newspaper on the floor and stand over it to catch the droppings. (Please, don’t dump your handiwork in the drain afterward, unless you have it in for your poor maintenance man.)
  2. Put some talcum or baby powder on the skin, so the blades don’t pull the hair.
  3. Turn on your trimmer, and start with the areas you can see, like the crotch and start making long strokes downwards. Do not press the blade of the trimmer onto the skin, use a light motion, so that the hairs don’t get caught or pulled.
  4. If there’s hair on the shaft just shave it like you did the crotch, go in the direction of the shaft head.
  5. Use a downward motion around the hairline of the testicles. Carefully lift the testicles and move your trimmer in an upward motion to trim the hair at the base.
  6. Don’t forget to be really careful with your balls! Just like shaving, when you take a pass, trimming your balls works the same way. Hold your balls in one hand and stretch the skin on each side as you trim. When it comes time to trim underneath, lift up your balls and trim going towards your rear end, never going towards your balls.
  7. Take a shower and afterward make sure to apply some moisturizer to the area(s) followed by some powder to prevent irritation.

Once you get into trimming your pubic hair you will notice how much more you like not having all of those extra locks. No matter how you decide to trim it, I hope it brings you luck, good times, and if you’re one of those guys who is concerned with your size, an extra inch or two.


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